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If you are considering relocating to Buxton, North Carolina, you will want to know about the various natural disasters that can affect this area. The city has experienced many earthquakes, but none of them have been of a significant size. There are only two earthquakes in the past 50 years, and no significant ones have been reported in the town. This makes the community very safe to move to. If you’re looking to relocate to Buxton, NC, you will want to make sure you take the time to learn about the potential hazards.

The city has been affected by storms, earthquakes, and landslides. In 1997, a landslide destroyed the railway line from New Mills to Chinley. In 1998, floods swept through the area and buried a number of homes and animals. In both cases, only one of these floods was in the winter, so it’s important to make sure you’re well prepared for emergencies.


In the past 50 years, the city has seen massive flooding in the Lightwood Road area. These pictures are from archive cameras and show the effects of the 1973 and 1998 floods. A video by Gordon Sleigh shows the devastating effect of these events, with water reaching waist-high in nearby streets. This is a reminder of just how vulnerable our community is to disaster. But the worst natural disasters in Buxton don’t always occur during winter.

In addition to storms, natural disasters in Buxton can affect people and their pets. A landslide can bury a person alive, and a flood can wreak havoc on property and life. Both landslides and floods can wipe out entire communities. Even if they don’t cause any personal damage, the damage caused by a hurricane can be catastrophic. This is especially true of a city that is located in the middle of a mountain range.


There have been numerous natural disasters that have affected Buxton. A landslide in 1973 caused the railway to be closed. Another one in 1998 swept away buildings, destroying homes and animals. Both storms resulted in severe weather that affected many parts of the country. Fortunately, neither storm occurred in winter, but the floods in 2003 and 1998 had very damaging impacts on the region. These were not the only major natural disasters in Buxton, however.

While storms are not the only cause of disasters in Buxton, they are also the biggest source of death and destruction in the area. If a storm occurs in Buxton, landslides may bury a person, or floods can sweep them away completely. This is why preparing for the possibility of a landslide in the area is essential. In addition, a hurricane in the area can also affect a business.

In addition to landslides, Buxton has also suffered major floods in the area. The 1998 flooding in Lightwood Road flooded the area twice in the last 50 years. The photographs taken at the time of the flood show that the floodwaters were waist-deep in the area, and the water was so high that it destroyed homes and animals. After the storm, it took days to clear the streets. The rains had wiped out everything in its path, but luckily, no one was killed in the region.

There have been several major floods in the area. In 1973, the area’s landslide was so severe that the New Mills to Chinley railway was closed. In 1998, a landslide destroyed the surrounding areas. Although the latter flooded during the winter months, both the 1973 flood happened in July, which was not a great time for the animals to be out in the open. In the event of a landslide, the displaced animals can be transported to their final destination.

There are also some natural disasters in Buxton that can affect people and animals. In particular, landslides can bury people and animals. Other natural disasters like floods can also be disastrous for wildlife. They can wipe out the habitats and kill the animals. They can be fatal for humans and their pets. The floodwaters in the area are the most common type of flooding in the city. Unlike the flooding in the city, however, they do not cause any damage to buildings.

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