Luck with book of ra can all your dreams come true in a short time and couple of clicks!Weather Forecasting Facts

We all love to talk about the weather – in summer we scold it for unbearable heat, in autumn – for heavy rains, and in spring – for slush. But, nevertheless, we are so happy when she pampers us with sunny and fine days.

The weather is a very changeable thing. There are many interesting things associated with it.

  1. Surprisingly, London gets much more rain on Thursdays than on other days.
  2. Residents of Portugal are allowed not to go to work if the weather is bad outside.
  3. In Para, Brazil, people can check the time by rain. There he goes almost at the same time.
  4. Did you know that darts originated from bad weather? Once a downpour interrupted the competition of shooters. The archery team went to the bar. There the guys started throwing short arrows at the target.
  5. We all often talk about the smell of rain. But it’s actually odorless. What we used to call the aroma of rain is a product of the activity of cyano- and actinobacteria, the substance that gives the rain its characteristic smell is called geosmin.
  6. Residents of Uganda see thunderstorms up to 250 times a year.
  7. Radio weather forecasts arose due to unexpected rain. Once the owner of the radio station got wet in the rain, after which he decided to start a new heading on the radio – a weather forecast, which would let people know that it will rain today and they need to take an umbrella with them.
  8. Most of the rainfall in Thailand falls at night.
  9. In Botswana, the currency was called “pula”. This word means “rain”. It has a very hot and dry climate, so people really appreciate the rain.
  10. In the 17th century in Great Britain, a law was established regarding weather forecasts. According to him, a person who erroneously predicted rain could be killed.
  11. Can you get out of the rain dry? Yes, if it happens to you in the desert. There may be rain, but its drops often do not reach the earth’s surface, since they dry up in the air.
  12. We often complain about unreliable weather forecasts. But we are often wrong, because few people know how to actually interpret weather forecasts. For example, the phrase “without significant precipitation” does not mean at all that there will be no rain today. It means that it can rain no more than 0.3 liters per 1 m2. And the expression “there will be short-term rain” should be understood in such a way that the duration of the rain will not exceed 3 hours.
  13. The acidity of simple rain is pH 5.6. If the indicator is lower, it is called acidic. At pH 5.5, bacteria die, and at pH 4.5, fish and insects.
  14. It rains every July 29 in Winesburg, Ohio.
  15. To get artificial rain, small pieces of ice are thrown over a cumulus cloud. There they are enveloped in moisture and fall to the ground like snow. On the way, the frozen particles melt and become drops.
  16. Every year, about 519 thousand km3 of rain falls on the planet. 1 km3 is 1 billion tons of water.
  17. The largest hail fell in Gopalganj (Bangladesh) in April 1986. The weight of the hailstone was more than 1 kg. Such hail killed 92 people.
  18. The weather can be different, but, as they say in Scotland, it is never bad, you can just dress for the wrong weather.

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