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Going on a trip, it is never superfluous to take an interest in the climatic conditions of the destination country. In some resort areas, despite the declared mild and warm climate, tourists can expect trouble in the form of significant precipitation, cloudy skies or natural disasters. When planning a trip to the following destinations, be attentive to synoptic reports.


Fabulous Caribbean beaches, visa-free travel, Latin American exoticism: such a vacation promises to be truly magnificent. However, when planning a trip here, you should carefully check the weather forecast. The geographical location of the country and its resorts has both unbearable heat and frequent downpours. It is in Colombia that the places with the highest amount of annual precipitation on the planet are located.

Dominican Republic

The equally heavenly beaches of the Dominican Republic are ideal for an amazing beach holiday and discovering new culture and food. Gorgeous landscapes, palm trees, hammocks, exotic fruit cocktails, local prices for services and goods: all this makes a holiday here delightful. However, nature often decides otherwise. Be careful when choosing the season for your trip. In addition to rains and prolonged downpours, the Dominican Republic is prone to natural disasters in the form of typhoons and even earthquakes.


Hawaii Rainy Weather

It is believed that vacation in Hawaii is difficult to spoil. This is true, because everything here is conducive to an unforgettable vacation. Despite this, it should be remembered that the rains in Hawaii are quite sudden. Hilo, the second largest city in Hawaii after Honolulu, is the rainiest city in the US. In addition, the islands are located in an active seismic zone. Typhoons, earthquakes and tsunamis can happen here.


The attractive Philippine Islands are a popular destination among travelers. But despite the comfortable air temperature, which varies at +26 all year round, vacationers in the eastern and northern regions of the islands should be attentive to the forecasts of weather forecasters and seismologists. This is especially true in the summer months, when not only the probability of typhoons and showers is increased, but also tsunamis and earthquakes.


England Rainy Weather

Large English cities and resorts are famous for their unstable climate, high humidity, and frequent fogs. Going here, be sure that you are not afraid of rain and you are not affected by cloudy and overcast weather. It would be useful to have a raincoat or at least a large umbrella with you.

An important component of a quality trip is not only a good choice of hotel, a comfortable flight and the availability of entertainment and attractions. Weather conditions affect the quality of travel in no lesser way: any changes can not only ruin vacation plans, but also negatively affect the well-being of the tourist. When planning your vacation, don’t forget to check the weather forecast and take into account seasonal climate changes.

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