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The climate changes that have characterized the past century have significantly altered our planet’s climate. Little shifts in average temperatures may increase the frequency of extreme events, but they are a minor change when compared to the overall warming of the planet. Scientists have also found that changes in land use over the last few centuries have increased the global surface albedo. These changes may also be due to human activities. However, no single study should be taken as the final word on climate change.

There are many ways to understand climate change and how it impacts our environment. We can look back in time to see how animals and plants changed throughout the ages. We can see how the ice sheets on Greenland melted in the last decade, and we can see how the land around Greenland responded to climate change by transforming into more arid conditions. The ice sheet on the Greenland peninsula melted in 2012, and again in 2013. In early 2011 and late 2010, the Arctic sea ice reached its lowest extent since records began. The lack of a permanent ice cap in the Arctic region has caused a distortion in normal weather patterns that depend on the Arctic’s cold.

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In the past, the climate has shifted from mild to extreme, but recent trends show that these changes are also occurring more frequently. In fact, climate change is already affecting the way that animals and plants live. A study of paleontology shows that cold weather-adapted organisms moved closer to the equator. In turn, warmer-adapted organisms lost a large part of their habitat and went extinct. Some changes are more pronounced and more severe, like those that affected the tropics or the polar regions.

This interactive website has a lot of information and video materials that can help you understand the history of climate change. The website also provides videos from their events. There are several ways to understand the complex science of climate change. If you want a simple introduction to climate change, then these videos can provide a great deal of information. These resources are free of charge and will help anyone become more knowledgeable about our changing weather.

To understand the physical factors that are influencing the climate, scientists use a number of tools. Using the tools available on the website, you can make your own research. The information you find on the website is not just informative but also educational. If you’re looking for a good interactive site, check out the resources below to get started. If you haven’t yet, start exploring today! You’ll be glad you did.

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