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Recovering From Huge Damage From Natural Disasters

The massive scale of natural disasters makes it difficult to recover from the aftermath. The survivors and affected communities are left reeling from the loss of lives and livelihoods. Nations have the daunting task of rebuilding their economic and social assets, which are destroyed by natural disasters. While each event is different, the costs associated with these catastrophes can be staggering. The WMO Atlas of Earth’s Extremes shows that the world experienced more than 2 million natural disasters from 1970 to 2017.

These disasters have cost billions of dollars. The last five years have seen three of the ten most expensive events. Hurricanes Harvey and Maria combined caused US$ 96.9 billion in damage, while hurricanes Irma and Maria caused US$ 69.4 billion in damages. In the past 15 years, a number of hurricanes have devastated the U.S. and have been responsible for huge economic losses.

Natural disasters are a big source of human suffering. Each year, some 150 million people suffer as a result of severe weather or natural disasters. The recent major disasters include earthquakes in Haiti (2010), Japan (2011), Pakistan (2015), and the United States. These events are devastating and cost the nation billions of dollars. The Center for Research on Epidemiology of Disasters (CRED) estimates that 3.3 million deaths and damages occurred due to natural disasters in the last 40 years. While the number of catastrophes has decreased over the past century, the effects are still significant.

Those affected by natural disasters should be aware of the financial burden that these disasters place on their citizens. Over the past five years, billions of dollars have been lost due to a variety of disasters – from hurricanes to wildfires. The U.S. is the most vulnerable to weather and climate changes, so this is not surprising. The state of Texas has been hit the hardest by a variety of catastrophic natural disasters, and it leads the way in total dollar loss from billion-dollar events since 1980. In fact, Florida is the second-highest state in damages from these natural disasters, mainly because of the devastating impacts of hurricanes.

More than 150,000 people have died due to natural disasters in the United States

According to the World Bank, the cumulative damage from natural disasters in the U.S. is estimated at US$38.5 billion. This figure includes the cost of rebuilding homes, infrastructure, and human lives. This money is a fraction of what the total population of the U.S. faces, but the numbers are staggering. For example, a drought in Ethiopia in 2003 killed 400 thousand people, while a landslide in 2010 killed more than 150 000 in Sudan.

The South and Southeast regions of the U.S. and the Caribbean U.S. territories have suffered the highest cumulative damage costs from natural disasters, which is the most expensive to recover from. For these reasons, disasters have become a major problem for both rich and poor countries. As the world continues to develop, the number of earthquakes in the U.S. decreases in corresponding losses, and the number of deaths is increasing dramatically.

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